Boston teacher seeks to deter speeders with Tom Brady photo

By Ben Hooper
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Dec. 8 (UPI) -- A Boston teacher frustrated with drivers failing to slow down for a crosswalk gave the sign a profile boost by adding a photo of Tom Brady.

Sam Balto, a gym teacher at Ellis Elementary School, said drivers frequently speed through the 20 mph school zone outside the building, and often the School X-ing sign between the lanes of the road ends up getting run over by drivers.


"Unfortunately, those signs get run over on a daily basis. Maybe if Tom Brady was on the School X-ing sign drivers might pay more attention, slow down & yield for students at crosswalks," Balto tweeted.

The teacher took what initially seemed to be a joke and turned it into a reality with the help of WalkBoston, a pedestrian safety advocacy group.

WalkBoston tweeted photos Wednesday of the School X-ing sign with Brady's photo displayed at the top.

"People really fly down Walnut Avenue or use it as a cut through, and that's not right on any neighborhood street -- let alone one with so many kids walking down it," WalkBoston spokesman Brendan Kearney told the Boston Globe. "I'm glad Sam has taken this step. He's looking at a way to call attention to the crosswalk. ... If Tom Brady can make that happen it's great."


Balto said the sign appears to have been successful so far, causing passing drivers to slow down for a better look at the New England Patriots' quarterback.

He said the sign has also been successful in other ways.

"Also, we need a smile, everybody needs to put a smile on their face. Tom Brady is one good looking guy. If I can get my kids to smile and their parents to smile, that's a great way to start the day," Balto said.

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