Horse rescued from collapsed cesspool in New York state

Ben Hooper

Dec. 4 (UPI) -- Police in New York state led a rescue operation for a horse that ended up partially submerged in a collapsed cesspool on its owner's property.

The Suffolk County Police Department said Santino, a 6-year-old horse, escaped from its owner's barn in Islip Terrace just after 4 p.m. Thursday and was grazing in the home's back yard when its hindquarters sank into the collapsed cesspool, which created a hole about 6 feet wide.


The horse was left with its head about 4 feet below the ground level with water and waste up to its neck.

Fire crews arrived to pump the water and waste out of the home while a local construction company dispatched a pay loader to help build a rescue ramp.

Santino was removed from the hole and checked out by a veterinarian, who said the equine did not appear to have any serious injuries from its ordeal.

Angelo Buonomo, Santino's owner, said he bought the horse two years ago in Louisiana after learning it was scheduled to be slaughtered the following day.

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