Kangaroo dubbed 'Roosain Bolt' after crashing track meet

By Ben Hooper
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Nov. 28 (UPI) -- A kangaroo earned the nickname "Roosain Bolt" when it interrupted an Australian track meet by dashing out onto the track.

Athletics Australia posted a video to Facebook that was filmed by Marinus Koekemoer at a track meet in the Sunshine Coast area of Queensland.


"Skippy is doing a bit of athletics tonight with the kids," the filmer says in the video.

"Kids and athletes please keep away from the kangaroo and we'll let him make his way across the field," a woman says over the loudspeaker at the event.

Athletics Australia dubbed the athletic marsupial "Roosain Bolt."

"Australia's newest sprint star spotted on the Sunshine Coast," the group posted. "Could Roosain be a chance for the Australian relay team?"

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