Snake rescued from water treatment plant may have been flushed

Ben Hooper

Nov. 15 (UPI) -- Animal rescuers in Wales said a snake found slithering in a sewage treatment system may have been flushed down a toilet.

RSPCA Cymru said rescuers were summoned to the Dwr Cymru Treatment Works in the village of Llanllyfni after workers conducting maintenance work spotted the serpent slithering in a sewage chamber.


"This was certainly an unusual call to deal with," RSPCA Inspector Andrew Broadbent said. "I arrived at the scene to find the adult Carolina corn snake perched on a metal assembly a few inches above the raw sewage flowing into the works."

"With the assistance of staff, I was able to reach down and retrieve the snake," he said.

Broadbent said the snake appeared to be a pet that was either flushed down the toilet or escaped down a toilet drain on its own.

"This is another timely reminder as to some of the challenges faced by caring for exotic pets, such as snakes. It is vital accommodation is appropriate and secure," he said.

The RSPCA is caring for the snake while searching for its owner.

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