Doctor in Joker makeup delivers baby in Tennessee

By Ben Hooper
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Nov. 6 (UPI) -- A Tennessee baby was ushered into the world by a doctor wearing an unusual uniform -- his Halloween costume as Batman villain The Joker.

Brittany Selph, 32, and her husband of six years, Justin, 33, arrived just afternoon Tuesday at Henry County Medical Center in Paris when Brittany went into labor five days before her expected due date.


The parents said they were surprised and amused to find out their obstetrician, Dr. Paul Locus, was in full costume as the Health Ledger version of The Joker from 2008 film The Dark Knight.

"We couldn't help but laugh when he walked in the room," Justin Selph told ABC News.

Locus told the couple the labor would take a while, so he planned to go home and hand out candy before returning to the hospital in his normal medical attire. The Selphs said they told Locus, who had delivered their two previous children, that they wouldn't mind if he was still in costume when he returned.

Baby Oaklyn Selph was born about 8:20 p.m. with Locus, still in his Joker makeup, guiding the delivery.

"The next morning, he came in to check on Brittany, and he said 'Sorry I couldn't make it in last night, glad to see the delivery went well,' joking of course," Justin Selph told "He also gave her a card of congratulations, and he signed it 'Dr. Joker.'"


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