Mako shark steals fisherman's catch, plays 'fetch'

Ben Hooper

Nov. 1 (UPI) -- A California charter boat captain shared video of a mako shark using a fish it stole from the end of a fisherman's line to play "fetch."

Capt. Chris Pica of Dana Point Sportfishing and Whale Watching said he was out on the Reel Fun off Dana Point Harbor on Friday when a fisherman attempted to reel in a red snapper about 11 a.m. and discovered the fish and hook were missing.


"We started looking around for a floater when all of a sudden, sure enough, it appeared," Pica told the Orange County Register. "I looked and there was a little mako shark circling the floating fish and playing with it like a puppy would do with a play toy."

Pica posted a video to YouTube showing the small shark using the red snapper for a game of "fetch."

The video shows the mako circling the fish, closing in slowly, before hitting it with its mouth.

At one point, the mako grabs the fish and dives down into the water before surfacing and restarting the game.

Pica, who was dubbed "the shark whisperer" after rescuing a great white shark from some surf line earlier in the year, said it was a unique encounter.


"It was just hysterical," he said. "Those makos are smarter than we think."

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