Lionesses round up cubs scattered by elephant attack

By Ben Hooper
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Nov. 1 (UPI) -- A safari-goer in South Africa captured video of two mother lionesses gathering up their six cubs after being scattered by an elephant attack.

Chris Tote, whose video was posted to the Kruger Sightings account on YouTube, said he had been observing the lionesses and their six lion cubs for about a half an hour before a herd of about 20 elephants stormed into the area "trumpeting and charging."


"The two lionesses shot up the river bank and onto the road and all they could do was anxiously watch in the hopes that their cubs would be alright," Tote wrote.

The lionesses returned after the elephants left and set about rounding up the cubs.

"They were scattered everywhere and it took close to half an hour before they finally emerged at the roadside," Tote wrote.

Tote said he was concerned about the last cub to be rounded up, as the sound of nearby car engines appeared to be drowning out its cries.

"At some point one of the lionesses must have realized there was one cub missing and around twenty minutes later suddenly appeared in the road and ran quickly down to the river bed to find the missing cub that had now hidden away, hoping for mom to return. Five minutes later she appeared carrying the little cub in her mouth and off they went to reunite with the rest of the pride and cubs."


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