Ohio student's pineapple jack-o-lantern skirts school's pumpkin ban

By Ben Hooper
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Oct. 31 (UPI) -- An Ohio student who found out his dorm bans carved pumpkins skirted the rules by carving his jack-o-lantern out of a pineapple.

Alex Schwarz, a freshman at the University of Akron, posted a picture of his spooky pineapple Friday on Twitter.


"So there's a rule against pumpkins in my dorm but it doesn't say anything about pineapples," Schwartz tweeted.

The student later said in a follow-up tweet that the pineapple failed to impress the resident adviser on duty, who threw out his Halloween fruit.

"This means war," Schwarz tweeted, along with a photo of several apples carved into an army of mini jack-o-lanterns.

Schwarz said he plans to continue carving and is considering a cantaloupe, bell pepper or a head of lettuce.

The university said the jack-o-lantern ban is not meant to curb the Halloween spirit, but is rather a measure aimed at preventing insect and rodent infestations. The school's Culinary Artist's Club held a pumpkin carving contest only days before Schwarz unveiled his pineapple.


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