Australian driver stopped by adorable koala traffic jam

By Ben Hooper
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Oct. 31 (UPI) -- An man taking a late night drive in South Australia was briefly detained by an unusual and adorable hazard -- a koala in the road.

Dashboard camera footage of the Friday encounter shows the man traveling down a rural South Australia road at night when the koala wanders out in front of his car.


"Aww, no way!" the man says."It's a koala! Oh, you're kidding!

The man's amusement soon turns to mild annoyance.

"Get out the way. Mate? Koala? You're kidding me, oh my god," the man says, honking his horn.

The koala eventually wanders to the side of the road and lets the man pass.

"I was going for a simple drive up the road to heavy bush-land and trees and a koala came out and decided to stay there for a bit," the man wrote.

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