Police create 'pumpkin line-up' after discovering stolen haul

By Daniel Uria
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Oct. 29 (UPI) -- Police in Missouri were inundated with squash after finding nearly 50 stolen pumpkins taken from local yards by a group of teens.

Maryland Heights police shared a photo of the "line-up" featuring 48 pumpkins and a gourd reclaimed by Sgt. Jamie White while responding to a report of stolen Halloween decorations.


"Officers on the midnight watch received a call in the area of Pinehurst Subdivision in reference to the theft of some Halloween decorations," police said. "While the officers were investigating the theft, dispatch received another call in Arrow Heights Subdivision reference the theft of more Halloween decorations."

Police received a description of the suspect's vehicle from a resident and White managed to track down three teenage boys in the pumpkin-filled Subaru.

"No idea how they all fit in there," Maryland Heights police Capt. Scott Will said. "It was top-to-bottom orange. It wasn't hard to put the pieces together after that."

While the pumpkins were unharmed, the three teens were arrested as the two 18-year-olds were charged with misdemeanor stealing and the third 16-year-old was referred to juvenile court.

Police then went to work returning the pumpkins to their rightful owners, as residents arrived at the station to claim their missing squash.


"You'd be surprised how many people showed up to identify their pumpkins," Will said. "We were inundated."

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