Territorial elephant chases car down Thailand road

By Ben Hooper
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Oct. 26 (UPI) -- A driver on a road in Thailand ended up in a hasty retreat when a territorial bull elephant appeared in the middle of the street and started chasing the car.

The video, filmed Monday in Sisaket, shows the vehicle traveling down a road in a wooded area when it turns a corner and the driver spots an elephant in the road ahead.


The driver puts the vehicle into reverse to flee the scene, but the elephant gives chase.

The pachyderm allows a pickup truck that passes the reversing car to go by unmolested, but it continues to chase the filming vehicle and another car that is initially parked at the side of the road until the elephant starts to approach.

The car continues to reverse for some time on the road while the elephant follows.

The elephant eventually gives up the chase and rangers arrive to direct traffic around the wild animal.

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