Volleyball player's gravity-defying save shocks Internet

Ben Hooper

Oct. 25 (UPI) -- A Texas high school volleyball player is earning praise from the pros after a caught-on-camera save that appeared to defy the laws of gravity.

Autumn Finney, a senior at Decatur High School, was being recorded on video during a Friday game when she performed a flying leap through the air to perform a miraculous save and smack the ball over the net.


The save spread quickly on social media, gathering national attention from volleyball fans including Olympic gold-medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings.

"Holy [hell]!!!!! That is so RAD!!!" Jennings tweeted.

Finney said she hadn't been sure she would be able to pull off the maneuver.

"I was already behind the 10-foot line just waiting to attack, because I knew it was going to be an offset, so I wanted to be behind the ball. And then Tate had an incredible dig, and I just thought, 'Wow, what, you know, what heart.' So I didn't want to let that go to waste. So I thought, you've got to at least try. You've got to go for it," Finney told KXAS-TV.


"In that moment, I wasn't thinking. My heart was [feeling], 'I want this. I want to win this game. I want this point. I want it.' You have to expect yourself to do great things," Finney said.

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