Massive monitor lizard found raiding grocery store

Ben Hooper

Oct. 24 (UPI) -- A massive monitor lizard was captured at a Thailand grocery store after the owner found the lizard eating died noodles in her store room.

Chu Chituphum, 50, owner of a grocery store in Chachoengsao, said she screamed and ran out of the room Oct. 10 when she spotted the 5-1/2-foot lizard eating boxes of dried noodles in her store room.


Wildlife trappers were summoned to the shop and found the lizard hiding under a cupboard.

A video shows the trappers using a catch pole to ensnare the reptile and drag it out from under the cupboard.

The trappers said the lizard temporarily escaped outside and fled under a building, but they were able to recapture it and take it several miles to a wooded area, where it was set free.

"I've never seen a lizard that big in my shop before. Never in any of my rooms," the store owner said. "This is where I keep all my food so I didn't want the lizard to stay in here for too long eating things. I'll get back to work now it has gone."

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