Tennessee police find kitten, raccoon cuddling in dumpster

By Daniel Uria
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Oct. 19 (UPI) -- Police in Tennessee were met with an unexpected sight when they found a kitten and a raccoon huddling for warmth in a dumpster.

The Knoxville Police Department shared photos of the unlikely pair, which Animal Control Officer Nick Powell spotted while responding to a call of an animal stuck in a dumpster.


"When Officer Powell looked inside the dumpster he located two unusual companions -- a kitten and a baby raccoon -- cuddled in the corner keeping each other warm," police said.

The kitten and raccoon were found snuggling together while facing the back corner of the dumpster and the kitten seemingly stood in front of the raccoon to protect its companion as the officer approached.

Both of the animals were ultimately rescued. The raccoon was relocated and released and the kitten was taken to an animal shelter.

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