New York man credits young grandkids with causing $1M lottery win

Published: Oct. 17, 2017 at 11:56 AM

Ben Hooper

Oct. 17 (UPI) -- A New York state retiree credited his exhausting grandchildren with setting off the events that led to hs winning a $1 million lottery jackpot.

Palmer Scumaci, 67, of Ronkonkoma told New York Lottery officials he and his wife were being worn out by their two young grandchildren during a recent visit.

"My wife Nancy and I were babysitting both grandkids recently. We usually have them one at a time. I came home from an outing with the 2-year-old and saw Nancy needed a little energy boost after trying to keep up with the 4-month-old. I offered to go out for coffee," Scumaci said.

While retrieving coffee from the One Stop Deli, Scumaci said he decided to buy a CashX20 scratch-off ticket.

"I picked that one because I've won on it in the past. I went out to the car and scratched the ticket and saw a match on the number 14. Jackpot!" Scumaci said.

Nancy Scumaci, 64, said there was a noticeable change in her husband's energy level when he got home.

"He was yelling, 'We're going to Disney World' for everyone to hear," she said.

Scumaci chose the lump sum option, leaving him with $522,822 after required withholdings.

He said he was serious about his plans to take the whole family on a Disney vacation.

"We all train it down to Florida. My wife doesn't fly," he said.

Nancy Scumaci said the trip will be the only thing they splurge on with their newfound wealth.

"We're going to be careful. There won't be any dramatic changes -- no fancy cars. I'll still clip coupons. We're just that kind of people," she said.

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