Turtle escapes shark, shark charges toward diver

By Ben Hooper
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Oct. 9 (UPI) -- A diver off the coast of Australia recorded the moment a sea turtle escaped from the jaws of a tiger shark, which then turned its attention on the filmer.

Timothy van Beelen posted a video to Facebook showing what happened when he jumped into the water off Coral Bay, Western Australia, to film and snap photos of a tiger shark he spotted attacking a turtle underwater.


The video shows the turtle slip out of the shark's mouth and the shark then swam directly at the diver with its mouth open.

The predator comes uncomfortably close to the diver, but turns and swims away without harming the man, who can be heard shouting in panic underwater.

"This was not an attack it was simply a warning to get away from his food, you can see how slowly the shark swims up and doesn't even attempt to bite me, if he wanted me he would've had me plain and simple," van Beelen wrote.

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