Tourist accidentally documents proposal, finds couple through Facebook

Ben Hooper

Oct. 6 (UPI) -- A tourist who discovered his photos snapped on an Australian beach accidentally documented a couple's engagement used Facebook to track down the couple.

Martin Cervantes, of Brisbane, said he shot numerous photos at Bondi Beach in Sydney last week and didn't notice until later that some of the photos appeared to capture the moment a man proposed to his girlfriend.


"I shared some of the photos with my family back in Argentina and it was then that my brother saw that in one photo, [the man] is kneeling down," Cervantes told Global News.

"I was just trying to take a nice photo of Bondi Beach and didn't notice the couple in there at all," he said.

Cervantes posted the photos to Facebook with an appeal for people to share the post and help him find the couple.

He said Amelia Wright and Lyall Bezett were tagged in the post the next day.

"How beautiful is it that he managed to capture our special moment in the midst of all of Bondi?" Wright said.

"Every moment has been so perfect and we feel so privileged that someone caught it on camera," she said.

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