Texas Toilet Seat Art Museum for sale

By Daniel Uria

Oct. 5 (UPI) -- A man in Texas is looking to pass on his unique collection of toilet seat art that he's created for about half a century.

Barney Smith, 69, is offering his Toilet Seat Art Museum, containing more than 1,300 hand-decorated toilet seats, to the highest bidder.


"He thanks all the thousands of people coming from all around the world for the last 50 or so years," a post on the museum's Facebook page states.

Clorox launched an online campaign to help find Smith a buyer, including a digital gallery of his toilet seat art.

Smith told Fox 29 he decided it was time to sell the museum after noticing he wasn't able to produce art as quickly in his old age.

"I can't do what I used to do," he said. "Because I'm getting so old. I'm 96 years old."

He's seeking between $15,000 and $20,000 for the museum and hopes to find a buyer dedicated to preserving the collection.

"I want somebody to keep it as a museum," Smith told Atlas Obscura. "I don't care whether it goes to New York or Kalamazoo, Michigan. Wherever they want to take it, they've got to keep it together.


Smith's friend and fellow artist, Carye Bye, has gathered a group in hopes of finding a new location in San Antonio to display his art.

"If his art, and other art like his, was in one space in San Antonio, people would flock to it," she said. "It would become huge."

In the meantime the museum will operate normally, accepting visitors by appointment free of charge.

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