New Jersey trooper stumbles upon escaped cow on roadway

By Daniel Uria
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Oct. 5 (UPI) -- A New Jersey state trooper helped a wayward cow find its way home after spotting it on the side of a local road.

New Jersey State Police shared a photo of the escaped brown cow that stopped traffic on State Highway 29 on Thursday morning.


"A Trooper on his way to State Police HQ stumbled upon this escapee and was able to control traffic so neither motorist nor cow got hurt," police said.

The trooper held off traffic long enough for the farmer to arrive at the scene and safely guide the cow home.

The State Police used the bizarre scenario to remind people while many think of factories, The Sopranos and Real Housewives, New Jersey is actually a rural state.

"This is Jersey. Farms. Cows. Chickens. True story. And remember, the New Jersey State Police was created specifically to patrol rural areas that did not have local police, and we still do that today," police said. "So, the next time you out-of-staters think of Jersey, think of cows and cornfields...Oh, and Jersey Troopers!"

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