Panicked deer runs through New York clothing shop

By Ben Hooper
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Oct. 3 (UPI) -- An injured deer burst into a clothing store in New York and chased terrified customers and employees into back rooms.

Mario Cavuoto, the owner of Staten Island's In Phase Fashions, said the deer ran into the store through the open front door on Monday afternoon.


"He was a young guy with small horns just starting to grow and I heard he had been hit by a car just outside," Cavuoto told the New York Post.

Witnesses said the deer was panicked and was slamming itself against walls, windows and clothing racks.

Margaret Cavuoto, the owner's wife, was on the phone in the store's back office when the deer came into the shop.

"I saw something -- I thought it was a dog at that point -- coming through the store," she told the Staten Island Advance. "And then it just started banging on my back door, it was a good thing it was closed tight, otherwise it would have definitely gone into the back room. And I was the only one back there, so I was really frightened."

The Cavuotos said employees and customers fled into back rooms and the basement while police were summoned.


"The cops came right away, but they were standing in the door, and the deer had nowhere to go, he was trapped," Mario Cavuoto said.

The couple said animal control officers eventually arrived and tranquilized the buck. It was taken away on a stretcher.

"It's a mess in here. There's blood everywhere," Mario Cavuoto said. "Nothing like this has ever happened. A squirrel came in once, but that was it. This was a mess. I felt so sorry for that deer."

The ultimate fate of the deer was unknown.

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