Two territorial bull moose fight in Colorado resident's yard

By Ben Hooper
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Oct. 2 (UPI) -- A Colorado resident captured video of a tense encounter between a pair of bull moose that decided to battle for territory in the filmer's back yard.

The video, filmed Wednesday from a Blue River resident's deck, shows a bull moose wandering around the property close to the home.


A second bull moose appears after a few moments and the two animals initially appear to peacefully coexist, but soon charge one another and clash with their antlers.

"I typically have a moose family roaming my property. I was on my deck and saw a mother her baby and a bull in my backyard eating willow tree leaves," the filmer wrote. "A few minutes later, a larger bull approached the area where the other bull was and the fight ensued. It was very exciting! I thought they were going to damage my deck, but luckily they didn't. The larger bull won and the smaller bull retreated and left."

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