Monkeys on the loose in Ohio neighborhood, locals say

By Ben Hooper Contact the Author   |  Oct. 2, 2017 at 12:15 PM
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Oct. 2 (UPI) -- Residents of an Ohio neighborhood said they have repeatedly spotted monkeys on the loose in the area, and at least one local captured the primates on camera.

Neighbors in Lebanon said the monkeys have been spotted hanging out in trees in recent days and one of the animals was even spotted dancing to music.

A local woman who asked to be identified only as Amber said she has seen two different monkeys in the area and she snapped a photo of one of the primates dancing in a tree.

"You can see his arm right here and his leg right here, and his hair and his face. Like I said, this guy played music and [the monkey] was rocking back and forth to it," Amber told WLWT-TV.

Amber snapped a clearer photo of a second monkey in a tree moments later.

Neighbors speculated the monkeys were pets that escaped or were set free.

The primates have not been seen acting aggressively toward humans, but locals said some other furry residents appear to have problems with the monkeys' presence.

"It's like the squirrels are even acting a little funny around here," neighbor Chris Watson said.

Residents said the monkeys have been in the area for at least a few weeks, and can be heard more often than they are seen.

Lebanon police said they are investigating the reported monkeys. Wildlife group Outreach for Animals said it has been contacted "to respond if needed."

Monkeys on the loose in Ohio are unusual, but not unheard of -- a video that went viral in August 2016 showed a Lancaster Walmart employee tussling with a monkey in the store's parking lot after it apparently escaped from a camper parked nearby.

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