Bears befuddled by California woman's new bear-proof trash can

By Ben Hooper
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Sept. 29 (UPI) -- A California woman captured video of a family of hungry bears being foiled and befuddled by her new bear-proof trash can.

The video, filmed earlier this month, shows the mother bear clawing at the lid on the new bear-proof bin while one of her cubs stands atop the overturned container and another observes.


"They can't get in there because we got a new bear-lock can," the woman says.

The footage shows the bears clawing at the can and rolling it around on the ground in an unsuccessful bid to reach the delicious garbage inside.

The bears end up rolling the trash can all the way to the woman's driveway before giving up their efforts.

The woman said the bear family had previously made a mess outside her home.

"This mama, along with her two adolescent bears, visited my trash cans a bit ago and used her claw to pull out trash through a half-broken bear-proof lid. The same bears returned two weeks later, but were met with a replaced bear-proof can that proved to be amazingly effective," she wrote.

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