Costco-loving couple hold wedding at their favorite store

By Ben Hooper

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Sept. 27 (UPI) -- An Australian couple celebrated their love for each other -- as well as their favorite store -- by holding their wedding at a Costco store in New South Wales.

Sue Berkley and Eli Bob tied the knot Saturday at the Costco Crossroads in Casula, a suburb of Sydney.


Berkley, clad in purple, walked down the tire aisle to meet Bob, who was waiting at the alter -- in the food court.

"I get to go to Costco on my wedding day, it's just awesome," Berkeley told A Current Affair at the wedding rehearsal.

The wedding gathered 90 guests at the store, which charged only $10 per guest to provide pizza, meat pies, soft drinks, and a massive Costco cake for the celebration.

"Where else can I get married to the one I love, in the place that I love, surrounded by the people I love?" Berkeley said.

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The wedding came as a surprise to other shoppers, who posted photos of the unusual set-up on social media.

Store manager Linda Hamill said the wedding was a first for the store.

"I've grown up with Costco, I've been with the company 30 years, I've seen a lot," Hamill said. "But I've never participated in a wedding at Costco."

The ceremony is believed to be the first Costco wedding in Australia, but similar weddings have previously been held at the chain's stores in the United States.

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