Marlin jumps over boat, nearly impales crew member

By Ben Hooper
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Sept. 21 (UPI) -- An Australian boat crew attempting to tag some blue marlin captured the moment one of the massive fish jumped over the boat and nearly took out a crew member.

The video, recorded Sept. 10 off Australia's Gold Coast, shows the crew members struggling to reel in a hooked blue marlin as part of a tagging initiative.


The fish repeatedly jumps out of the water in its attempts to avoid being tagged, and finally jumps over the back corner of the boat, knocking into a crew member and nearly impaling the man with its sharp, spear-like snout.

The crew said the marlin's daring leap managed to snap the fishing line, allowing it to escape untagged.

"The crew was out all day chasing marlin," the uploader wrote. "Fish are tagged and released as part of Australian tagging program that tracks fish migration. We hooked up to a blue marlin, while near the boat it flew out of the water nearly taking out one of the crew before the line snapped and this fish got away."

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