Deadly snake found slithering in couple's bed sheets

By Ben Hooper
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Sept. 21 (UPI) -- An Australian snake catcher said a couple's bedtime nearly turned into dead time when they found a venomous snake slithering in their sheets.

Stewart Lalor of Snake Catcher Brisbane, Logan & Redlands -- Elite Snake Catching Services posted a pair of photos to Facebook showing the eastern brown snake making itself at home in the blankets of a Murrarie couple's bed.


"Not exactly the best place to encounter a highly venomous snake," Lalor wrote. "The eastern brown snake ranks as the second most venomous land snake on the planet."

Lalor said eastern brown snakes don't normally attack humans, but the bedroom situation was uniquely dangerous.

"Fortunately these guys have no interest in humans and are only dangerous when interacted with, however in a situation like this the outcome could have been unfavorable," he wrote.

Lalor said he relocated the snake to a more suitable habitat away from human residences.

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