Bear rides in motorcycle sidecar, blows into horn

By Ben Hooper
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Sept. 21 (UPI) -- A bear that surprised drivers on a Russian road by taking a ride in a motorcycle sidecar further shocked onlookers by playing a horn while stopped at a light.

A video posted Wednesday to YouTube by Niks Leonenko shows what he described as a "bear in Russian traffic," specifically a large bear riding in a motorcycle sidecar.


The video, filmed from a vehicle that pulled up alongside the motorcycle, shows the occupants of the car conversing with the motorcycle driver when the vehicles stop at a light.

The driver shows off some of the bear's tricks before handing the animal a horn, which the bear grips in its paw and lifts to its mouth.

The bear appears to blow into the horn, letting loose a musical note.

It was unclear whether the bear was Tim, a performing bear with the Area 29 circus that has become famous online for his trips on city streets in the sidecars of motorcycles affiliated with the Polar Wolves motorcycle club.

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