Clown candidate running for Boston City Council

By Ben Hooper

Sept. 19 (UPI) -- A candidate running for the Boston City Council is using an unusual gimmick for his campaign -- a clown costume and silent persona.

Pat Payaso, whose last name is Spanish for "clown," is one of three newcomers facing the four incumbents for at-large Boston City Council seats Nov. 7.


Payaso recently appeared in an interview series with the other candidates and used a series of props and charts to answer questions instead of giving verbal responses.

The clown candidate's campaign ad on YouTube lampoons "honest Boston politicians" with promises to "kiss the most babies," get residents' kids "into the best schools," and work for the "most affordable housing" provided enough campaign donations roll into his coffers.

Payaso changed his name -- originally Kevin McCrea -- in February at a New Orleans court, the Boston Herald reported.

As McCrea, Payaso ran for an at-large city council seat in 2005 and ran for mayor in 2009.

Steven Croes, listed as campaign chairman in Payaso's state-filed statement of organization, initially said the position was news to him.

"I may have been pranked," Croes told the Boston Herald. "I've never volunteered to be part of any campaign."


The chairman gave a different answer later in the same day.

"We're still building our campaign and we'll be releasing more information later," he said. "What I know of this candidate's beliefs and history compel me to back him."

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