Venomous snake found just under lid of family's toilet

By Ben Hooper
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Sept. 18 (UPI) -- An Australian snake catcher said a family was lucky to evade some truly unfortunate injuries when a venomous snake camped out in the bowl of their toilet.

Tony Harrison of Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher live-streamed a video on Facebook early Sunday showing him removing the brown tree snake from a family's toilet in Guanaba.


"Now can you imagine early in the morning sitting on the toilet and then this popping up between your legs," Harrison says in the video.

The snake resists Harrison's attempts to pull it out of the toilet for about three minutes.

"This snake's going to come out swinging," Harrison says in the video.

The invading serpent eventually comes free of the toilet and is revealed as a rather large brown tree snake.

Harrison later posted a video with a second angle of the capture to his YouTube page.

"Mild. It won't kill you," Harrison wrote of the snake's biting potential. "Still wouldn't like a munch on the doodle from this noodle."


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