Lynx cats block Maine road to have heated argument

By Ben Hooper
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Sept. 18 (UPI) -- A couple driving through northern Maine ended up stopping in the middle of the road to observe a pair of lynx cats having what appeared to be an animated argument.

The couple said they were driving near Kokadjo late last month when they where forced to slow down due to the lynx pair trotting down the road ahead of them.


The two cats eventually stop in the road and exchange a series of strange calls that resemble a human argument.

"My husband and I were in northern Maine out for a ride on the logging roads hoping to see a moose or bear," the filmer wrote. "We came upon these two lynx who entertained us for close to 15 minutes. They would lead us down the road. Stop. Move on. Stop. Then they came back to us and had a conversation we caught on video. Even after the end of the video, they still led us down the road a ways before letting us by."

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