British fire crew frees puppy with head caught in snack jar

By Daniel Uria
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Sept. 15 (UPI) -- A hungry puppy in England found itself in a tight spot after getting its head stuck inside a glass snack jar.

Crews from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service shared photos of the pup as they managed to gently pull its head free.


"Pictures of Buddy the chug pup, who was rescued by [Hampshire Fire and Rescue's animal rescue team] earlier after getting their head stuck in a biscuit jar," the service said.

The fire crews said the pug-Chihuahua mix was a "tough cookie" as they worked to remove the jar.

"This was an unusual job and it was strange being able to see the animal's doleful expression through the glass," Animal specialist Anton Phillips told the BBC.

Phillips added he was very wary of damaging the glass and causing harm to the dog, but managed to carefully massage its head free.

"I was keen not to risk breaking the glass as this could have injured the animal," he said. "I pulled back the loose skin and positioned it so I could get one ear out then the other. There was a pop as I got its head free."


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