Australian man's new hat eaten by crocodile

By Ben Hooper
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Sept. 12 (UPI) -- A former hat owner shared video of a uniquely Australian tragedy -- a crocodile eating his Akubra after it blew off his head.

The video, recorded Friday on the Adelaide River in the Northern Territory, shows the man recalling the sad fate of his 3-week-old Akubra, a style of hat made famous in the United States by the Crocodile Dundee films.


The man says the wind carried the hat off his head and into the water. The video then shows a crocodile swim up and eat the hat.

"I was wearing my brand new 3 week old Akubra while at work feeding crocodiles on the Adelaide River in the Northern Territory when a gust of wind blew it off my head into the river, where subsequently a bloody crocodile decided to have it for lunch," the man wrote.

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