Stranded cat rescued from middle of Louisiana swamp

By Ben Hooper
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Sept. 7 (UPI) -- A Louisiana man who heard about a feline in peril ventured out into a swamp to rescue the damp cat from a stump surrounded by muck.

Randall Kolb, the self-proclaimed Cat Rescue Guy, said a bird watcher reported spotting a cat stranded high in a tree in the middle of a swamp near Sorrento.


Kolb said the cat may have climbed into the tree from what was dry land before the rains from Hurricane Harvey caused the swamp to expand.

The rescuer said the cat apparently fell from the tree into the water and made its way to a stump, where Kolb found it mewing for help.

Kolb said he took the cat, which he nicknamed Chomper, to a local animal shelter, where they determined the animal was microchipped. He said rescuers are working to get into contact with Chomper's owner.

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