Shoplifting seagull returns to cafe to take bag of chips

By Ben Hooper
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Sept. 6 (UPI) -- A British cafe's infamous shoplifting seagull appears to have returned after being caught on camera pilfering a bag of potato chips.

A video recorded Saturday by a shocked customer at Gregg's in South Shields, England, shows the confident bird waddling over to the store's baskets of potato chips, grabbing a bag of snacks, and dashing out through the automatic doors.


"I was grabbing some breakfast in Gregg's restaurant in south Shields, when I saw the bird was looking in, checking the coast was clear. That's when I started filming. As soon as the bird got what he wanted he ran for the exit. The bird clearly knew what he was going," the filmer wrote.

The bird indeed appears to have experience with this crime -- a seagull was recorded by another customer at the same store in June 2016 pulling off an identical heist.

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