Oregon police: 'We are not searching for a baby giraffe'

Ben Hooper

Sept. 5 (UPI) -- Police in Oregon took to Twitter for a public service announcement spurred by recent social media rumors: There is no escaped giraffe on the loose in Beaverton.

Beaverton Police tweeted that despite reports to the contrary on social media, there is no escaped baby giraffe munching on grapes in the area.


"Despite social media reports we are not searching for a baby giraffe. They are cute and we would search for one if they were missing," the department tweeted.

The rumors appear to have been spurred by a since-deleted Craigslist post that purported to have been written by the animal's owners.

The post read:

"Our landscapers damaged the fence and our Giraffe calf, 'Raffi' escaped.

At this age, they are easily mistaken for a deer or even a llama, as nobody expects to see a Giraffe in Beaverton.

And yes, we have the correct permits...

South side of Cooper Mountain, off Grabhorn Rd. near the quarry. Probably went downhill towards vineyards...loves grapes.

If you see him, please call 911...police and animal control are already advised and know how to contact us."

The post used an image of Oliver, the baby giraffe famously born on an Internet live stream to mother April the giraffe.


Police said a hypothetical owner of an escaped giraffe would be facing more trouble than just trying to wrangle the exotic pet.

"If it was in the city limits of Beaverton, I'm pretty sure it would not be legal," Beaverton Police spokesman Jeremy Shaw told The Oregonian.

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