Sneaky seagull caught on camera stealing bag of chips at the beach

By Ben Hooper
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Sept. 1 (UPI) -- A man visiting a Nova Scotia beach captured video of a sneaky seagull stealing a bag of chips from another visitor's stash.

John Egan, who posted the video to YouTube, said he and his wife traveled to the 2017 Clam Harbor Sand Castle Competition at the Clam Harbor Beach Provincial Park on Aug. 20 and he spotted the seagull while taking video of miniature tidal bores coming up a stream that leads into the ocean.


"While I was shooting one tidal bore I noticed a seagull eyeing a stash of picnic goodies that a group of beach goers has set aside so they could have a friendly game of football. To my sheer delight and amazement a sneaky little seagull ran over and stole a big bag of chips from the stash and flew off with it," Egan wrote.

The video shows a woman run to defend the snacks from the avian thief, but the seagull manages to get away with its pilfered junk food.

"It was hilarious to see one of owners of the bag of chips attempt to scare off the seagull and try to get the chips back," Egan wrote.


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