Man shares tender moment with seagull on Australian street

By Ben Hooper
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Aug. 31 (UPI) -- A witness to an unusual situation on a Sydney, Australia, street captured video of a man sharing a tender moment with a seagull while two people argued about the bird.

The video shows a man and a woman having an animated argument Friday night about the fate of a seagull, while another man crouches only feet away and gently strokes the bird's back.


The story behind the video was detained in an Instagram post by user @jizzjazzofficial.

"On Friday night at approximately 1 a.m., Sean "Pubes" found a seagull that appeared injured near central station. He carefully caressed the seagull to check if it was injured and upon noticing its weak wing he picked it up to find if there was anyone around who could take it to a veterinarian. Pubes and Jack brought the seagull over to the boys to ask for advice and take a photo with the seagull. Two women came over and claimed the young men were harassing the bird and Jack debated his case whilst Pubes gently caressed the seagull to ensure it wasn't frightened by the kerfuffle. Overall the argument was a simple misunderstanding and the seagull was able to return safely home to its flock."


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