Construction fence leaves kangaroo trapped in neighborhood

Ben Hooper

Aug. 28 (UPI) -- A kangaroo was filmed having a frustrated hop around a neighborhood where a construction fence blocked off its access to its habitat.

A resident in Golden Bay, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, captured video Friday of the annoyed kangaroo hopping around the neighborhood trying to find a way to get to the dunes on the other side of the construction fence.


The resident said the marsupial's plight comes after residents raised questions about the new development's impact on wildlife.

"Recently developers started clearing the dunes in Golden Bay where I live and our community has been protesting at the site each day to save the dunes and the fauna and wildlife," the filmer wrote. "The developers have told us all that they have considered the wildlife in their plans. I took this video around the corner from my house which clearly shows the kangaroo cannot get back to the dunes because of the development and fences."

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