North Carolina woman finds copperhead snake in apartment

By Ben Hooper Contact the Author   |  Aug. 22, 2017 at 2:46 PM
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Aug. 22 (UPI) -- A pair of North Carolina residents said they found a venomous copperhead snake and a black snake inside their apartment -- and one might still be inside.

Alycia Williams said her roommate at the Vie at Raleigh apartment complex spotted the copperhead snake and the black snake slithering into her bedroom early Saturday morning.

"I guess they were both right there and they killed one of them because they were trying to get the broom and sweep them outside, but the other one went up under my door and came in here," Williams told WTVD-TV.

She said the dead snake was the copperhead, while the black snake might still be hiding inside the apartment.

Williams, who speculated the snakes may have come in from a wooded area behind the complex, said she and her roommate have spread moth balls and "Snake-A-Way" repellent around their residence in the hopes of driving out the serpentine intruder.

Managers at the apartment complex said animal control was called to search for the snake and fumigators are available if the residents require them. They said the incident was the first time a snake has been found inside one of the apartments.

A copperhead snake was previously involved in an altercation earlier this month in Brandon, Fla. Melissa Butt said her two toddler grandchildren were playing in the garden when her pit bulls, Slayer and Paco, ran over and put themselves between the kids and a copperhead snake.

The dogs were able to kill the snake, but not before sustaining bites. The pit bulls were treated with an anti-venom and are recovering.

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