Home-invading owl mistaken for burglar in California

By Daniel Uria
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Aug. 18 (UPI) -- A distressed homeowner in California called police after mistaking a wayward owl in her home for a burglar.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department shared photos Wednesday of the owl invader after receiving a frantic call from a woman who said she and her three sisters had locked themselves in an upstairs bedroom after hearing noises coming from downstairs.


"The caller told the dispatcher she believed someone was moving furniture and other items downstairs," the sheriff's department said. "The dispatcher placed a 'possible burglary in progress' call and deputies quickly responded to the location."

Deputies searched the exterior of the home and found no signs of forced entry. They then asked the homeowners to come and unlock the front door when they heard shouting from inside the house.

"It's an owl, it's an owl!" the homeowner exclaimed.

The deputies entered the home and quickly tossed a blanket over the owl and released it outside unharmed.

"Deputies deal with numerous types of different calls while on their shift and this call was a HOOT!" the sheriff's department said.

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