Bear plays with inner tube next to resident's backyard pool

Ben Hooper

Aug. 17 (UPI) -- A British Columbia resident captured video of a wandering black bear hanging out by the pool and donning an inflatable tube like a fashion accessory.

The video, recorded Monday, shows the bear hanging out next to a resident's backyard pool in Gibsons.


The bear's attention is grabbed by an inflatable pool toy -- an inner tube -- and the bruin manages to get its head through the tube like a necklace.

The bear loses its impromptu fashion accessory, however, when it's entire body passes through the flotation device.

"This bear was found in the backyard at my uncle's house. It actually made a reappearance, the day before he was eating out of the trashcan in the garage. It first bit the water float, then it put it on its head and walked a bit with it. He fished out something out of the drain filter in the pool, drank a bit and then calmly walked away," the filmer wrote.

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