UC Berkeley sets world record by forming largest human letter

Daniel Uria

Aug. 16 (UPI) -- Thousands of students at the University of California, Berkely gathered on a football field to form the world's largest human letter.

The university's athletics department shared a photo of the 7,194 incoming first-year and transfer students of the class of 2021 as they came together to form a massive "C" on the school's football field.


"Gimme a...C!" Cal Athletics wrote. "Welcome class of 2021."

UC Berkeley successfully claimed the Guinness World Record, previously set by students at the University of Tennessee who formed a human letter with 4,223 participants

"It's yet another first for Cal," Chancellor Carol Christ said.

The record attempt was part of UC Berkeley's "Bear Affair" event during the university's weeklong orientation program.

"Bear Affair is one of those opportunities for the entire incoming class to participate together as one community, begin to create some friendships, and feel like they are a part of something really amazing at UC Berkeley," Chrissy Roth-Francis, director of New Student Services, said. "The combination of academic and social integration in orientation is critical to a student's success and retention."

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