Atlanta pizza squirrel challenges New York's pizza rat

By Daniel Uria
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Aug. 11 (UPI) -- Residents in Georgia challenged New York's viral pizza rat after a squirrel was spotted nibbling on a piece of pizza at a local park.

Grant Park Conservancy shared a photo of the bushy-tailed squirrel as it dragged the large piece of cheese pizza in its mouth.


"So what if NYC has Pizza Rat? Grant Park has Pizza Squirrel!" the conservancy said.

Alisa Chambers snapped the photos of the squirrel after she spotted it carrying the pizza near the park's pool.

"I saw the squirrel inside the pool [when it was closed]," Chambers said. "I watched him balance himself on a trash can, reach inside and come out with the slice of pizza!"

The conservancy compared the squirrel to the notorious "pizza rat" that went viral in 2015 after video of it carrying a whole slice of pizza down a flight of stairs was shared online.

Chambers said the pizza squirrel was behind a locked fence and seemed wary of her, as it attempted to make off with its cheesy prize.

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