Cat narrowly escapes coyote on Colorado family's porch

By Ben Hooper
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Aug. 9 (UPI) -- A Colorado family's home security camera captured the moment their cat made a narrow escape from a wild coyote that approached the house's porch.

Jason Zaffuto of Arvada, near Denver, said his family started taking care of the cat after it showed up at their front door and the home's security camera was recording early Monday when the feline showed up to eat the food from its bowl.


The footage shows a wild coyote approach the porch about 12:30 a.m., drawing the cat's attention away from its food.

The coyote's initial approach is fended off by a swipe of the cat's paw, but the feline then flees as the coyote gives chase.

Zaffuto said his dog, which was inside the house at the time, alerted the family to the presence of the coyote and he ran outside to scare it off with a loud noise.

He said it was the first time he knew of that a coyote has approached his house.

"Definitely a first for me," Zaffuto told KMGH-TV. "I was just surprised to see one run up to my front door like that."


Zaffuto said the cat later resurfaced without any injuries from its close call.

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