Missing Missouri python found alive two months later

By Ben Hooper

Aug. 3 (UPI) -- A Missouri man who reported his 22-foot python missing in May said his sister's dog found the snake alive and healthy near his home.

Ben Trexel of Christian County, between Springfield and Rogersville, said he rushed home Sunday when his sister, Tousha Maggard, and her boyfriend, Ron Brackett, told him what their dog, Sparkle, found in the grass.


"The whole time, I probably had my foot about six inches from his head. Didn't realize it. He just kind of laid there, docile. Just chilling," Brackett told KSPR-TV.

Brackett said he was happy to be the one to contact Trexel, since he was the one who first discovered the snake was missing back in May.

Trexel said he rushed to the site without stopping at his house first to grab a pillowcase for the python's head.

He said he touched the python's tail and immediately knew it was his pet, SS Wraps.

"I realized it was him, he realized it was me and just put him around my shoulders and walked down the road. A part of him dragged on the ground," Trexel told The Springfield News-Leader.


He said SS Wraps appears to be in pretty good health.

"Something nipped on his tail a little bit," Trexel said. "It looks like he just shed. He looks healthy -- he put on some weight."

Trexel said no neighbors have reported pets missing, so hopefully the python fed on something wild.

"Everybody will be glad to know that he's still not out there," Trexel said. "I was pretty happy."

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