Domino's driver delivered pizza on foot after car broke down

By Daniel Uria  |  Aug. 2, 2017 at 2:42 PM
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Aug. 2 (UPI) -- A dedicated Domino's employee in Flint, Mich., completed a delivery on foot after his car broke down nearly a mile from his destination.

Ashley Schafer shared a post on Facebook on July 16 explaining how Domino's driver Benjamin Houston restored her "faith in humanity" after completing the delivery despite his car trouble.

"I ordered late, around 11 p.m, from Domino's on Court Street. Using the tracker I saw my pizzas had left the store at 11:24. An hour later I still had no pizza and was about to call having a fit when there was a knock," Schafer wrote.

A Domino's manager had arrived outside Schafer's home and told her he was concerned that Houston, who is deaf, was not receiving the help he needed to make the late-night delivery after his car had broken down.

Houston, whose cellphone recently broke, began knocking on doors to find someone willing to contact the store and explain what happened.

After several people turned Houston away, stating they hadn't ordered a pizza, one homeowner listened to Houston's story and called the store to arrange a ride for him.

"He deserves a round of applause as well," Houston wrote on Facebook. "Not sure what your name is but unsung hero, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for having patience with me and not closing the door on me."

Determined to finish the delivery, Houston declined the ride and set out to walk to his destination.

"It was a little bit longer than a few minutes and at the same time I knew the clock was ticking," Houston told M Live through an interpreter. "So, I decided the address, it can't be too far away. I went ahead and walked."

After walking about half a mile, Houston finally arrived at Schafer's home and greeted her with a knock on her front door.

"Half an hour later there was another knock, it was Ben with my pizza who was apologizing profusely and explaining what happened," Schafer said. "I said I'd heard, I completely understood and it was not a problem at all."

Schafer left Houston a big tip, but wasn't aware he had completed the order on foot until she realized there were no headlights outside her window.

"I immediately called the store to let them know so they could go find this amazing young man," she said. "I'm happy to say they found him and he is safe and sound."

Schafer later started a GoFundMe campaign to thank Houston for his hard work and dedication. In more than a week the campaign raised nearly half of its $3,000 goal to "keep him on the road."

"Honestly I never thought it would be this big," Houston told TODAY. "My plan for the fund is to fix my car or possibly buy another car that I can depend on better. I'm just extremely thankful for all these people that donated."

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