12-year-old's Lego 'Worm' creation goes viral

By Ben Hooper
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July 31 (UPI) -- An 12-year-old design prodigy is being hailed online after submitting a single piece of Lego as a "Kid Creation" and branding it a "worm."

Joel Willans posted a photo to Twitter showing a display of Lego "Kid Creations" accompanied by the names and ages of their creators.


Located between 10-year-old Will's "Ultimate Car" and some sort of spaceship called a "Shooter Bao" by a 6-year-old with an illegible name sits the Lego "Worm" created by 12-year-old Riley.

The "Worm" is a single Lego brick, the long and thin type.

"Riley, you're a genius," Willans tweeted.

Twitter users offered enthusiastic agreement to Willians' estimation of Riley's intelligence.

"Clean lines. Bright color. Very minimalist. 10/10 would build again," @theruntsquad tweeted.

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