Man skirts 'no dogs' policy by bringing pet sheep into store

By Ben Hooper
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July 24 (UPI) -- A shopper who turned heads at a Northern Ireland grocery store by bringing his leashed pet sheep inside said he wasn't violating the store's "no dogs" policy.

The man drew a crowd of astonished onlookers at the Lidl store in Portrush when he took his sheep, which was wearing a leash, for a stroll through the aisles.


Video of the sheep's supermarket visit was posted to Facebook.

Witnesses said the man was escorted out of the store by employees.

John Junk, who was shopping with his family at the time of the incident, said the man wasn't worried about store policy.

"As a female Lidl employee headed toward him, my wife and daughter warned the shepherd that there may be trouble ahead. He laughed and quipped: 'It said no dogs, so I'll be dead‐on love,'" Junk told the Belfast Telegraph.

"After he'd been asked to leave we spoke to the urban shepherd outside. He claimed that his charge was one of triplets, and he'd had her from she was three days old, and had saved her from the abattoir," Junk said. "The lad seemed to have a genuine affection for the animal, and despite having some drink taken, it didn't look like the animal was in any need of rescue."


Police said the sheep's owner was later arrested on charges of common assault and disorderly behavior stemming from what was described as an altercation at a supermarket. It was unclear whether the alleged incident was at the same store, or whether the sheep was present.

The man was released on bail.

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