Flip-flop trick shot from hotel balcony caught on camera

By Ben Hooper
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July 19 (UPI) -- A British pro golfer showed off a different sort of trick shot when he tossed a flip-flop from a hotel balcony and into an inflatable pool ring.

Jason Timmis, 29, was filmed by a friend at a Benidorm, Spain, hotel tossing a pair of flip-flops from the balcony and aiming for an inflatable ring in the pool below. The video was posted to Facebook in late May.


Timmis' first shot misses by a wide margin, but the second piece of footwear goes right through the tube, eliciting celebration from Timmis and his friends.

"I was on my friend Ryan Smith's stag-do with 40 or 50 lads from the Baddeley Green area. We went to Benidorm and it was a very good holiday because you can't beat Benidorm," Timmis told The Stoke Sentinel newspaper in an article last week. "We had just got back from town and were getting ready for the night and messing around on the balcony. One of the lads always wears flip-flops and jokingly bet me that I couldn't throw it in the rubber ring in the pool from our 15th floor balcony."


"My first attempt was quite far off -- but the other just flew straight in. Everyone went wild as nobody expected it," he said.

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