Mountain lion crashes through window, lands on sleeping woman

Ben Hooper

July 13 (UPI) -- A California woman was sleeping in her apartment when a mountain lion crashed through a window and landed right on top of her.

Francis Muniz, apartment manager for the building on Main St. in Colusa, said the resident was sleeping July 4 when the cougar crashed through the window over her bed.


"She was asleep and it landed on her bed and actually at first I think she said she thought she was dreaming, it didn't seem real," Muniz told KTXL-TV.

Muniz said the woman remained calm during the incident and opened her back door to let the big cat run out.

County wildlife officials said security camera footage from the area shows the mountain lion running across a street in front of a pickup truck, crashing into the door to a bowling alley, and running across the apartment building's parking lot before invading the woman's home.

John Troughton, a member of the Colusa County Fish and Game Commission and the Williams City Council, said the July 4 incident is just the latest in a string of mountain lion sightings in the area. He said the Fish and Game Commission will discuss the issue at a Wednesday night meeting.


"I've been concerned about it for a while considering how many we've seen in the Butte Creek area," Troughton told the Colusa County Sun-Herald. "I figured they'd eventually get to town -- one did."

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